I ate two party sausage rolls

Yeevs, Library Siesta and Tremolo Please at the Marly Bar
February 15th, 2018

Marcus: So, last night’s show.

Jo: Did you and Rob drink the entire band rider?

Marcus: I don’t think anyone minded. Nobody else in the bands seemed to be drinking.

Jo: But neither of you was in any of the bands. Maybe the pub minded you drinking half a slab each without doing anything to earn it.

Marcus: Giving away records is thirsty work.

Rob: I think my judgement was impaired at the point where I might have considered that. But I extend my apologies here in print to the Marly Bar for overdoing it, again. I will not drink your generous drink riders unless I’m playing in the future. Unless you tell me it’s ok, which the kind man at the bar did say to me. But I did abuse that hospitality at some level, I am dimly aware.

Jo: Yeah, you crossed over into that ‘intensely talking shit’ phase at the end of the night. Then you kept going on about how amazed you were to be in an electric taxi on the way home.

Rob: I’ve never been in an electric car before. So silent, so smooth.

Jo: I think you said something like that to the driver. He treated you like a harmless idiot, which is a pretty accurate read on his part.

An electric car

Rob: I don’t know if I can look a bucket of free beer on ice in the eye without extending the hand of friendship. It’s not even alcohol related, as far as I can understand. The previous day I ate half a loaf of free olive and cheese bread in a meeting simply because it was free and I can’t say no to free stuff. The day before that, I went to a 10 o’clock meeting where I ate two party sausage rolls and two mini quiches and three glasses of orange juice and two cups of coffee. It’s a result of being poor for some years and then feeling like the gates of the palace have been thrown open every time someone tells me to help myself. I am Oliver Twist and I want some more.

Marcus: With you all the way there. Highlights from the gig?

Rob: I loved that four-string Eastwood thing that Bre from Library Siesta was playing. Somewhere between a guitar and a banjo and a mandolin.

Jo: I thought it was nice the way Bre contextualised every song with a little story. A lot of bands struggle with banter but she is quite the raconteur.

Rob: I also enjoyed her zine about her psychotic episode this morning over breakfast. We’ll have to come back to that after we’ve all read it. Maybe when we review their song coming up in Vol. 3.

Marcus: Yeah, I’d love to read her zine. Pass it on when you’re done. Tremolo Please?

Jo: I appreciated watching him on his own. Each time we’ve seen him there’s been a distinct sound profile – two piece, then three piece, and now solo.

Rob: It’s funny hearing the same songs performed all these different ways. I got a weird sense of how my ears want to box things in. Two piece, my brain was telling me this is like a shoegaze Black Keys type act. Then three piece I was thinking power trio, grunge, big Nirvana influence. Watching him solo, Atlas Sound was the big reference point for what I thought I was hearing. It’s all just my own projection, I realised.

Marcus: I have the same impulse to categorise, but I agree it’s kind of pointless. Half the time if you tell someone what you think they sound like, they have no idea who you’re talking about.

Rob: Yep. Like that guy who told me I’m like Thee Oh Sees. I’d never heard of them. I have now and they’re awesome.

Marcus: Maybe they’re copying us.

Rob: Thieving bastards.

Marcus: And Yeevs. Yeevs rock.

Jo: They also have the most appropriate and exuberant dancing fan I’ve ever seen. He perfectly expresses for all of us the energy and dynamics and warmth coming from the stage.

Marcus: I think he may even outclass the Happy Mondays dancing man. They should put him on stage as a permanent fixture.

Rob: Bradley is a very good singer.

Jo: Yes, you told him that at some length.

Rob: You can never have too many compliments.

Jo: I think you can, from someone who’s drunk half a slab.


Photos: Marcus Miller

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