Always Falling

Rob, Jo and Marcus are listening to Always Falling by Cloud Tangle in the Echo Room

Rob: A lot of stuff went through my head the first time I heard this track. This is one of those songs where you can just tell immediately you’re in for a treat. The opening organ reminded me of one of my favourite Portishead songs, The Rip. Then the ominous vocals come in singing about falling, and I thought of the great Julee Cruise LP Floating Into The Night produced by David Lynch. And then I thought how I have a song of my own about falling down, and I found myself wondering if Cloud Tangle and I have a lot in common if we both fall over often enough to write songs about it.

Jo: Falling over is super-attractive.

Rob: Yeah, it can be dangerous, but as William S. Burroughs once said, it’s safe as long as you get plenty of practice.

Marcus: The production on this song is outstanding. She did all of this herself?

Rob: According to her record label, everything is written, produced by, directed by, and starring Cloud Tangle. She also holds the world record for scoring 18 consecutive holes in one at King Tut’s Putt Putt minigolf on the Gold Coast.

Jo: She’s the real deal.

Rob: It seems like the quality of bedroom recordings by new artists is ramping up fast. I know home recordings have been in the culture for ages, but there was usually an expectation that bedroom equals lo-fi and studio is hi-fi. Or you had to be a technical wizard to build a sonically complex record by yourself.

Marcus: Yeah, I think it’s because brainless plug and play recording software has only really matured to studio quality over the past few years, so talented musicians growing up with it have this newfound power to document themselves without needing to study audio engineering or have access to a studio. Or Cloud Tangle may be one of those obsessive technical wizards or a professional audio engineer. Anyway, her attention to detail is impressive.

Rob: I enjoy the songwriting too. The way the song drifts back and forth from a waltz to six-eight for those layered guitar triplets is dreamy. I love half-time breakdowns or double-time climaxes in songs, but this switching structure sounds unusual to me. It’s good stuff.

What do we like most about this track?

Jo: The organ sound and the dreamy layers of loopy things. I also liked seeing her Bandcamp because the grainy black and white imagery made me wonder what kinds of projections she does at her live shows.

Marcus: Yeah I can’t wait to see her live. This song is brilliant from every angle, and her production skill in particular makes me jealous. She captures your imagination with every sound in this record.

Rob: I love the eerie, cinematic quality of this song. I kept going back to Bandcamp to check if this is really as good as I think it is, until Bandcamp locked me out and told me I had to pay four dollars. Luckily I have been saving up this month.

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