A previously unreleased EP from Fergus Miller, known best for his Bored Nothing moniker

Before beginning the recordings that became Bored Nothing, Fergus was experimenting with electronic music for many years, beginning as young as 12 or 13. While his recordings from his teenage years are comprised almost entirely of software synthesizers, in his early twenties he became increasingly interested in building complex rhythms from samples that he recorded himself, particularly of objects around his house.

This work features a number of such samples, derived from both instruments such as guitar and glockenspiel, and from other assorted sources, including baking tins and his own voice. These, combined with eddies of controlled noise, washes of layered vocals, feedback and crescendos of more conventional synthesizer and drum samples, conjur echoes of Björk’s Homogenic, perhaps by way of Bon Iver.

All music played, recorded and mixed by Fergus Miller, late 2010 | Artwork by Fergus | Very gently mastered by Marcus Miller, Oct 2017

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