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Cloud Tangle

What do you dislike about making music and what do you love about it?
I think technology is one of the biggest issues for me but also one of the most important parts of being a modern musician. Im not really a fan of the constructs of media and the ways we need to market ourselves to be noticed in the industry. Finding a platform that cooperates with your style and genre is pretty tough too but I think it pushes me to stay true to what I love about making music and what I want the music to convey. Plus the ability to make music so easily with modern technology really pushes the limits of what you can do yourself which I think is really important.

What goes on in your head when you’re on stage?
Very critical thoughts, mostly analysing the audiences perception of my music and the performance. I really enjoy pushing the boundaries of live performance and finding ways to draw the audience’s attention away from myself and more into an atmosphere that I am trying to create.

What do you get most obsessive about when you’re making music?
I’m very obsessed with mixing of layers and sonic density. I get really deep into the deconstruction of each texture in the music and am always looking at the imagery I’m trying to create. I guess to narrow it down I really enjoy production and mixing and often get lost in it (which I really enjoy).

Who’s a local talent more people should know about?
Start Together and Keeskea!!

What’s a quote that made you do something?
“Idle time is the devil’s play toy,” is my favourite because it always keeps me busy I suppose.

What record do you think you’ve listened to the most times in your life?
A tie between “Turn on the Bright Lights” and “In Rainbows“.


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