Fell Asleep

Abel, Marcus, Jo and Rob are listening to Fell Asleep by Sweater Curse

Jo: The name Sweater Curse makes me think that the worst thing that ever happens to anyone in Brisbane is for the weather to turn slightly less than balmy and you have to put on a sweater.

Marcus: The sun goes behind a cloud and people sit in the gutter and weep. The sweater curse.

Rob: Actually the name reminded me of that guy we saw in Shinsaibashi wearing a hooded sweater with the word “FUCKWAD” printed across the front. That’s a sweater curse.

Jo: Remember that one you found with “I’M HERE TO FUCK YO ASS” on it?

Rob: I also liked the one that said “YOU NEED CRACK AND A BLOWJOB”. I don’t know why we didn’t buy them all up while we had the chance, if only so we could wear them all at once at Sweater Curse gigs.

Jo: How about we screen print some before the Echo Room Sweater Curse show in Newcastle?

Rob: Awesome plan. I can wear FUCKWAD and you can wear the I’M WITH FUCKWAD sweater.

Marcus: And I’M HERE TO FUCK YO ASS. What do you want Abel?

Abel: I don’t know. I don’t like to wear clothes with writing on them. I mean, you can print one for me, but I would just wear it inside out.

Rob: We could just print something cursy but not too annoying on the inside of your collar, like “DARN.”

Abel: Yes, that would work.

Marcus: This will be our first trip to Newcastle. Should be a nice conversation starter.

Rob: I’m pretty sure that “sweater curse” is actually northern slang for an injecting drug user. Because anyone wearing a long-sleeved garment on a regular basis in the tropics is obviously strung out. I’m just throwing that in so all of the Brizzy tweakers and smackies reading this don’t go “Haha they don’t even know what the sweater curse is and we’re totally getting away with it.” I’ve never heard of the sweater curse before, but I do know in Seattle in the 90s, people used to talk about the cardigan curse, because Kurt Cobain was always wearing cardigans over his t-shirts regardless of the weather to cover up the hideous bloody mess of his arms. Try to find a photo of him with short sleeves. Don’t bother, you can’t.

Marcus: I never thought about that, but it makes total sense. So anyone you see with a long sleeved shirt is an injecting drug addict.

Rob: Exactly. Flannies, sweaters under tees, anoraks, all dead giveaways.

Jo: I looked up “sweater curse Queensland” in photos and it came up with this example.

Abel: He thinks he’s getting away with it.

Marcus: Perhaps we’re getting around to music o’clock here. What are we hearing right now?

Jo: The thing that stands out for me is the lovely melancholy guitar playing.

Rob: Yes, me too. The lyrics of this one also got me. It’s about trying to love someone hopeless who keeps letting you down. You screwed up again but “I know you tried.” I’ve been through that experience of getting confused between love and pity, where you think you can save someone or change them.

Marcus: Maybe you’re just attracted to fuck-ups in the first place. The rescue fantasy becomes an outgrowth of the initial seduction.

Rob: It’s a paradox, yes. And the wizards of Sweater Curse have bottled it for all of us to savour.

Abel: I can’t really hear the lyrics so well, but I am enjoying the drums. The playing is simple for the most part, and then you feel very conscious of the little details that enter the pattern. It reminds me a bit of the first Interpol record.

Marcus: You saw Sweater Curse live a few weeks ago, didn’t you Rob and Jo? How were they?

Jo: Rob and I had been to several Christmas parties that week, then had our Echo Room gig, then kind of fueled up on fizzy booze to cope with going out again to see Sweater Curse the next night.

Rob: I think the answer is we thought they sounded great and we took a bunch of photos that all came out really blurry then we can’t remember leaving. Cull were playing later and we probably weren’t there anymore. Sorry Cull. You know I love you. I’m not like the others.

Jo: I know you tried, Rob.

Marcus: Boom!

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