Hard Heels

Jo, Marcus and Rob are listening to Hard Heels by Los Pintar.

Jo: So what do we know about Los Pintar?

Rob: Actually almost nothing. They sent us this beautiful track and then went dark. I wrote to them a couple of times for an interview but received no reply. I looked them up on social media and there is also no information about them other than that they are based in Wollongong.

Jo: What does the name Los Pintar mean? Is it Spanish?

Rob: I don’t know. Did anyone look it up?

Marcus: No. I can look it up on my phone.

Rob: Ah, who cares? It will just be ‘nipple’ or ‘hubcap’ or ‘ear hair’ or something.

Marcus: I’m looking it up.

Rob: Ok then.

Marcus: Paint.

Rob:  What does does the “Los” bit mean? Is it “The paint”? Or “This paint”? Or “That paint over there”?

Jo: So it sounds like a guy and a girl.

Rob: There are photos on social media that would appear to indicate that but I don’t want to make any presumptions since they haven’t gone on the record.

Jo: This song is one of my favourites on Volume One. The mix is kind of abrasive and sludgy at the same time, which suits the tune. This really grew on me after a few listens.

Rob: I love the filthy production. It’s not something that works for every band, but this is making my ears happy. It reminds of Dead Moon, early Sonic Youth, and a long line of garage duos from Boss Hog to the White Stripes. I don’t want to drown them in references so I’ll leave it there. I love the fight between the wall of distortion and the low-key vocals.

Jo: Reminds me of Magic Dirt.

Marcus: Definitely! This was an interesting track to master. They have nailed the rough garage sound and everything is turned up to loud. I’m curious to see if they reproduce this wall of distortion live.

Rob: Abel says they’re one of the best live bands he’s watched in Sydney. I’m excited to see them, whoever they are.

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