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Imperial Broads

What do you dislike about making music and what do you love about it?
Eve: I dislike what it can reveal about the ugliness of one’s own ego, I love how satisfying it is to create something greater than 1 mind with 4 odd pals that are the band.

What goes on in your head when you’re on stage?
Eve: sometimes I feel a bit awkward truth be told, but most of the time I feel a warm camaraderie towards, and with, the rest of the band.

What do you get most obsessive about when you’re making music?
Eve: personally, unless my self-reflection is poor which it may well be, I do not think I am very obsessive in terms of songwriting which doesn’t bode well in terms of well crafted songs on my part, ha! I think someone else in the band would be better placed at responding to this question but they’re on holiday.

Who’s a local talent more people should know about?
Lauren: New Christs!

What’s a quote that made you do something?
Eve: “The sun shone, having no alternative, on the nothing new” (Beckett/Murphy). I know that sounds super depresso but I find the bleakness somehow inspiring. I don’t think it made me do anything but it inspired me and being inspired is motivating. I was very tempted to answer this question with a crass joke like: click here for sexy singles!

What record do you think you’ve listened to the most times in your life?
Eve: Big Star – Radio City


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