Shoot the Daytime

Rob and Jo are listening to Shoot the Daytime by Yeevs.

Jo: This song makes me so happy because it instantly transports me to the amazement I felt seeing them live.

Rob: Me too. Fantastic band. One of my favourite gigs last year at Brighton Up Bar. Abel pointed out afterwards that this singer sounded a lot like Billy Corgan.

Jo: Yes! That’s what I would say if I was hearing this blind right now. But it didn’t occur to me while I was watching.

Rob: No, me neither.

Jo:  Because Yeevs has a kind of rough, country boy edge. It’s like a Billy Corgan that grew up in rural Australia.

Rob: Salt of the earth, these rurals.

Jo: I’m not being patronising when I say ‘rural’. I just mean it has a tough country edge to it.

Rob: Yeah I know. Just whenever somebody says the word rural, the expression that automatically comes into my head is “Salt of the earth, these rurals.” Because I had this evil history teacher in high school who used to say stuff like that to mock this poor kid from the country who never knew the answer to anything in class. He had this dent in his forehead from trying to jump the dam on his trail bike

or trying to fight a kangaroo when he was pissed

or trying to pull a cone in a V8 Torana while going down a mountain at 160 kph or whatever.

The teacher would call out his name and ask him obscure historical questions, like, “Ok Dummy [not his actual name], why don’t you tell the class why Michele Berti was arrested and burned at the stake in Florence in 1389?” And the kid with the dent in his forehead would say something like “What?” or “Dunno, sir.” And then the teacher would get to say his favourite tagline, “Ah, salt of the earth, you rurals.” Then he would ask someone from the city like me and of course I am urbane, I am well-read, I have my ear to the street, and I can riff all day long on the repression of proto-socialism in fourteenth century Italy. You grew up in a small rural community yourself, didn’t you, Jo?

Jo: Yes, Rob, I did. I am a dirt-poor, pig-ignorant rural, busting my arse to cut it here in the big smoke.

Rob: Did you have friends called Chook and Spaz and Snowy and Tiny in your small town?

Jo: Acquaintances.

Rob: Did you go to any bachelor and spinster balls?

Jo: No.

Rob: Did you listen to AC/DC and Lynyrd Skynyrd?

Jo: No. I did listen to Smashing Pumpkins, coincidentally enough. I liked them. So Yeevs. Let’s get past this rural Billy Corgan riff.

Rob: Well, ok, but let’s remember that we said he sounds a bit like Billy Corgan but like a Billy Corgan with edge. YEEVS music itself doesn’t resemble that band. It sounds great in more of a Dinosaur Jr. way to me, or preferably great on its own terms. It wasn’t necessarily a strong reference point to begin with but I’m determined to present it as a compliment.

Jo: Right. A Billy Corgan with edge and hair, long, lustrous rock star hair. A taller, slimmer, edgier, less bald Billy Corgan.

Rob: I’m just going into the YEEVS page because I feel like it’s kind of lame to talk about the guy, this guy, the singer, as though we didn’t do any research before having this conversation. He’s name is Bradley Cork. Weirdly proximate to Billy Corgan.

Jo: It’s uncanny. What have we uncovered?

Rob: We’re onto something, for sure. Bradley Cork may be the love child of Billy Corgan and Bradford Cox.

Jo: Are you going to stop talking about Billy Corgan?

Rob: Abel started it. I never even listened to the Smashing Pumpkins, except Gish once or twice. That was ok I guess but I thought it was like a PG version of Jane’s Addiction. Perry Farrell was rated R and had edge. Bradley Cork has edge.

Jo: And the YEEVS song Shoot the Daytime is reaching its spectacular climax right now.  Can we say something nice about it before it ends?

Rob: Well since I’m on their page, let’s give a thumbs up and shout out to Sean Lees on Bass and Tom Bamford on drums, who also kill on this track. And to the one and only YEEVS singer guitarist Bradley Cork. The layers of guitar melody, the breakdowns in the arrangement when you think it’s about to peak, then the peak when you think the song is about to break down again. I dig it.

Jo: Love your work, YEEVS. Is Billy Corgan is going to troll us in the comments here?

Rob: Nah. Did we actually say anything mean about him? I think he should be flattered that anyone is still talking about him at all. 

Jo: Can’t wait to see YEEVS again next week. Are you going to edit out all the extraneous bullshit from this conversation?

Rob: No way. We are #keepingitreal here in the Echo Room. I don’t think people experience enough real in your face when will this thing fucking well end hard hitting boredom nowadays. 

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