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Sweater Curse

What do you dislike about making music and what do you love about it?

Monica: having to take gear to shows sucks so much and I am also so self-conscious and get terrible performance anxiety but I love playing fun shows with my friends so it all works out in the end.

Rei: Music a mistake (See attached photo) I love my friends and their music.

Chris: I dislike staying up so late to play a show, but I love playing the show? Figure that one out.

What goes on in your head when you’re on stage?

Monica: Mainly what goes on in my head is remembering my lyrics and thinking about what joke to make next on stage, and trying to make eye contact with Chris or Rei.

Rei: I wish it was something more exciting but probably just how everything is in the foldback, occasionally looking out to my friends, hoping that they are rocking the f out baby.

Chris: I just want everyone to have good safe fun.

What do you get most obsessive about when you’re making music?

Monica: I get worried about writing boring bass lines because I don’t know what I’m doing half the time to be honest.

Rei: It has to be interesting but mainly it just has to be exciting to put together and play.

Chris: I think we have been really lucky writing with Sweater Curse because everything has happened so naturally and easily. But I guess we usually have to focus on the length of our songs.

Who’s a local talent more people should know about?

Monica: FRITZ from Newcastle is not super local but she’s the best and everyone should listen to her.

Rei: First Beige, Keeskea, Cloud Tangle, Start Together, Rei So La

Chris: Everything Monica and Rei said plus Twin Haus, Concrete Surfers, Isaac Rogers, Sleep Club, Pool Shop, Chakra Efendi.

What’s a quote that made you do something?

Monica: Triple J – I love live music made me quit music.

Rei: The quote mentioned in question 1 made us all quit music

Chris: Vanessa Marousopoulos – “Music is my muse.” Made me live again

What record do you think you’ve listened to the most times in your life?

Monica: Probably the Strokes’ Room on Fire or James Blake’s The Colour In Everything.

Rei: My favourite album ever is Beck’s Modern Guilt, I don’t know if that’s the one I’ve listened to most though however!

Chris: I think it would probably be The Smith Street Band’s Throw Me In The River. Mostly because it was stuck in my car’s CD player for such a long time.

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