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Tremolo Please

What do you dislike about making music and what do you love about it?
I love the writing, recording and mixing process the most, playing live is fun but I love nothing more than getting into a mix from scratch. It is very satisfying to have a finished product from what started as an idea. The technology is so good now a lot of stuff can be done at home and in my own time without a studio clock ticking. Least favourite aspect is promotion! If someone came along and took care of all that I’d be very happy but its a necessary thing you have to do if you want people to hear your music.

What goes on in your head when you’re on stage?
I use quite a few guitar pedals so I’ve got to keep focused on what ones to turn on & off and when. Can’t have too many beers before going on!

What do you get most obsessive about when you’re making music?
Getting the sound that’s in my head onto the recording. I always strive to get the best sound as possible where everything is balanced and can be heard.

Who’s a local talent more people should know about?
Garry David. Great songs about ordinary things delivered with a punk rock attitude.

What’s a quote that made you do something?
“Why don’t you trade those guitars for shovels”. It’s more funny than anything as that’s what Krist Novoselic’s dad told him when he pursuing music as a career. It was inscribed on the inside of the Love Buzz 7″ single.

What record do you think you’ve listened to the most times in your life?
Hmmm that’s tricky…..probably In Utero by Nirvana or We Care by Whale, I still listen to both after 20+ years.


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