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Wedding Ring Bells (Bored Nothing) vinyl Kickstarter

Hey all! Hope your new year is off to a good start!

As some may know, the Echo Room project was named after a song by Marcus’ younger brother Fergus, AKA Bored Nothing. This is for a number of reasons – firstly, because Ferg was near and dear to us, but equally as importantly, because Marcus is the official custodian of Ferg’s back catalog, and we wanted somewhere to release his music, and give it the exposure it deserves.

So far we’ve done a digital release of Clothcaverns, one of Ferg’s earlier projects, but we’re ramping it up this year with (hopefully) our first vinyl release. We’ve picked Wedding Ring Bells, Ferg’s final solo project, as it’s one of our favourite of his albums, but it’s less well known than Bored Nothing. Printing vinyl isn’t cheap, but thankfully the internet has ways of helping a little label get the cash to bring their dreams to life…

So, without further ado, we are excited to announce: Wedding Ring Bells remastered 12″ vinyl Kickstarter!

Here are the details:

Feb 2, 2019: Pre-launch party @ Gasometer Hotel, Collingwood. Featuring live music (Monnone Alone, Culte) and a pre-Kickstarter listening of the digital remaster of the album

Feb 3 (Ferg’s birthday): Kickstarter launch day! Kickstarter page now live!


12″ vinyl release of Wedding Ring Bells, including a bonus vinyl-only track

50 x limited pink swirl vinyl release of Wedding Ring Bells, including a bonus vinyl-only track

Sticker packs, made from Ferg’s original artwork

High quality prints of Ferg’s Wedding Ring Bells artwork

7 x original hand-made Wedding Ring Bells CD-R covers (these are old stock of Ferg’s that he made, but never used)

sticker pack

All money over the funding goal will go towards funding further releases of Ferg’s music. 10% of that will be donated to supportact, a charity dedicated to helping artists with mental illness.

After the kickstarter finishes, and all the items have been sent to backers, we’ll be opening an online store on this site. You’ll be able to get the same vinyl, stickers and art prints at the same low price as the kickstarter. The vinyl will also be available in select stores across the country – we’ll update you once they go out.

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We hope you’re as excited about this as we are! Can’t wait to her some more Ferg on our turntables!

Marcus @ Echo Room

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