Wedding Ring Bells

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Wedding Ring Bells was the final solo project of Fergus Miller. Wishing to move on from the fuzz and haze that characterised his earlier Bored Nothing work, he opted for more intimate, stripped-back arrangements on this album – many songs consisting of little more than acoustic guitar and voice.

His lyrics, with raw and poetic power surpassing his Bored Nothing work, reveal an ever more tortured soul – dealing with substance abuse, self-doubt and loneliness, and foreshadowing his tragic early passing. However, despite the dark tone of Fergus’ words, much of the music itself sparkles with positive energy. 

The intimacy of the recordings, as well as the lyrics themselves, will make this a hard listen for many. However, those who are able to push through the tears are rewarded with something unique and special – a feeling of a real emotional connection with someone you may have never met, across time.

This album is provided free, as was the original Bandcamp release in 2016. However, anyone who chooses to pay will be supporting future releases of Fergus’ back catalogue.

Released February 11, 2019 | Written, recorded, arranged and mixed by Fergus Miller, January 2016

Mastered by Matt Hills, 2018