Rob, Jo and Marcus are listening to Young by Vacations in the Echo Room

Jo: Does this sound like [name redacted]? No hang on we’re safe now the vocals are in.

Rob: I like this guitar.

Jo: How are they getting that weird drunk sound?

Rob: It’s just a whammy bar and some hot licks I think.

Jo: But your guitar doesn’t sound like that with the whammy.

Marcus: There’s something else going on. It could be the guitar tuning too.

Rob: The whole thing sort of wobbles though.

Marcus: I think there’s a tremolo pedal running very slow, throwing it in and out of tune.

What do we like most about this track?

Marcus: I think the real kicker is those little triplets in the guitar riff on the chorus.

Rob: Yeah the whole song is excellent, with a groovy bass guitar sound that reminds me of some early sixties rock and roll records. But the guitars really bring it in.

Jo: I like this wobbly feeling.

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